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27th November 2020

Oklahoma rehearsals in full swing!

3 weeks until Oklahoma and the emphasis is on the company numbers!

I popped into rehearsals last night to see how things were going and I was met by the Oklahoma chorus! It sounded fantastic so I hope you have all booked your tickets!

David has worked incredibly hard putting the show together, supported as always by Graham creating such a wonderful sound and Frances with some innovative dance routines, the audiences are in for a treat!

Every member of the cast and company are working their socks off! If they are not rehearsing a dance routine, they are in a back room going through various scenes or upstairs with the wonderful wardrobe ladies, trying on costumes.

And if that wasn't enough, when Ali Hakim isn't needed for rehearsing, he is out in another room building scenery and Steve and Darrell are there building a Surrey - complete with a fringe on top!

This is team work and dedication at its best; it is what Arcadians are known for and I would urge everyone now to do their bit to sell tickets!

Oklahoma is on at St Christopher's School Theatre from 1 - 4 June. Call 07511 519387 to get your tickets!

  • OKLAHOMA! Chorus

  • Yee Hah!

  • Kansas City!

  • Everyone is flying round the stage!

  • Many a New Day!

  • The ladies chorus with Laurey

  • Meanwhile Jud and Curley are rehearsing elsewhere!

  • Some of the scenery gets built at home in the sunshine!

  • It's quite a tall water mill!

  • Aunt Eller's house is taking shape!