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27th November 2020

What a great night we all had - Tapping our Troubles Away!

This was the first time we had got involved in Letchworth Festival by opening up a dance rehearsal to any interested party!

Frances tapped into the lead role whilst Yvonne was suffering with a broken arm and she lead us through a series of moves which we could put togehter into what might be loosely called a dance!

The first hour was for beginners where we pout a basic dance routine together. I say basic, it was still very challenging for those of us who profess to talents other than tap dancing! We were lead through a 'Szy Q' a grapevine and the dreaded time step!

The second hour was for the more advanced dancers who took the dance routine up to another level and raised their game considerable!

It was a great night, everyone had a great time and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

Thank you Frances, a great night was had by all!

  • A beginners line up!

  • It's not as easy as it looks!

  • Keep your eyes on those around you!!

  • Not sure which direction to travel!

  • End of the first half!!

  • And now for the group who knew what they were doing!!

  • This was a larger crowd!

  • Everyone had to concentrate hard!

  • A great time was had by all!