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12th August 2020

Sweet Charity

Monday 7th to Saturday 12th November 2005

On Monday 7th to Saturday 12th November 2005 we performed "Sweet Charity" in the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage. 

Sweet Charity was under the guiding hand of new producer, Linda Dyne from Harpenden. 

Linda has acted on Television and on stage since leaving school. She decided to quit professional acting, however, to become a Director of Amateur Operatic Societies 15 years ago. Linda has played most of the well-known principal Musical roles, one of her last stage appearances was when she was asked to play ‘Phyllis’ in ‘Follies’, at the Gordon Craig a few years ago! Last year Linda directed ‘Steel Magnolias’ in Hertford which won Best NODA Drama for the area, as well as ‘7 Brides for 7 Brothers’ for Hitchin Thespians, which won Best NODA Musical for the area. She is thoroughly enjoying the rehearsals and hopes you will enjoy the show.


Charity Hope Valentine is a dance hostess at the Fan-Dango ballroom, New York and she is looking for LOVE.

Unfortunately, she always seems to get DUMPED. Sweet Charity is a cartoon - like story of her search for life because 'There's gotta be something better than this'. To find it, she manages to get pushed into a lake by her boyfriend, stuck in a lift with a neurotic bachelor, shut in a film star's wardrobe, get stranded in a hot-air balloon (she is afraid of heights) and visits a church that is raided by the police, all to find a decent man. Does he exist? Charity Hope Valentine never gives up.

Musical numbers include: Big Spender, If they could see me now, The Rhythm of Life, I love to cry at Weddings, I'm a Brass Band, and There's gotta be something better than this.

Cast List:

Charity - Gilly Gough
Oscar - Carl Rutherford
Helene - Elizabeth Shaw
Nickie - Sian Spencer
Vidal - Mick Wilson
Carmen - Bethan McPhee
Frenchie - Melanie Miles
Betsy - Becky Ray
Elaine - Jenny Cracknell
Sissie - Laura Pepper
Lulu - Sue Rayner
Foxy - Denise Leeson
Annie - Samantha Moutrie
Rosie - Hayley Syme
Herman - Mike Scott Coomber
Ursula - Sami-Jo Latter
Brubeck - Brian Seal

Brass Band Tappers: Hayley Syme, Helen Saunders, Bethan McPhee, Melanie Miles, Laura Pepper, Becky Ray, Sue Rayner, Vicky Leadley.

Frug Boys: Paul Monaghan, Robert Driver, Jonathan Ftetcher, Brian Seal, Mark Savage.

Frug Girls: Hayley Syme, Helen Saunders, Bethan McPhee, Melanie Miles, Laura Pepper, Becky Ray, Sue Rayner, Vicky Leadley, Sue Pearce.

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