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Letchworth Arcadians is one of the premiere amateur operatic societies in the East of England.
27th January 2020

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music!

Rehearsals are now in full swing for the Spring production from The Letchworth Arcadians!  The Sound of Music!

The children, straight from their own production of Pirates of Penzance, are all working really hard to become the seven children of Captan Von Trapp played by Simon Latter.

Their governess Maria, played by Sophie Walker is torn between her faith and her heart, so she turns to Mother Abbess, played by Adele Walker, for advice. 

The Captain is fiercely patriotic towards his homeland - Austria, and his friends Elsa, played by Stephanie Seal, and Max, played by Kier Home, are no help. Max is more interested in publicising the beautiful music created by The Von Trapp Family Singers!

This family favourite is one not to be missed! Although there aren't many hills around Letchworth, if there were, those hills would be alive with The Sound of Music!


  • Learning The Lonely Goatherd

  • David the Director gets in on the action!

  • Having a good time!

  • Who's the Lonely Goatherd?

  • Is Sophie jumping around?

  • Getting into the right places!

  • The Lonely Goatherd!

  • Liesel and Maria!