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17th October 2019

First review in from Into the Woods

Eric Smart came to the show on opening night and shared his thoughts with us all :

Wow!  That really was a show to be proud of. I have seen it quite a few

times and have often left it wondering what it was all about.  Not so

here.  Everything was set out in a very clear fashion and the delivery

was sharp and crisp. The principals did wonderful job and had clearly

worked very hard to get to that standard.  So inappropriate to single

anyone out with such a strong line-up but I thought Jack was absolutely

outstanding.  Just the right degree of naivety and excellent child-like

delivery.  The sets were superb as were the costumes and the band

complemented the singing beautifully.  When I visit shows, there is

nearly always something I could pick up for improvement but once again -  not here!  You can all take great pride in what you have achieved and I wish you well for the shows tonight and tomorrow and of course, with the concert you have coming up in November.


  • The Royal Family

  • The Princes in Agony!

  • Does that cow look milky white?