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Letchworth Arcadians is one of the premiere amateur operatic societies in the East of England.
30th November 2020

Only 2 weeks to Show Week!

There are now only two weeks left of rehearsals for our forthcoming production of Calamity Jane.

Rehearsals are going well and everyone is being put through their paces by the production team.

Calamity, played by Gilly Mackilligan and Katie Brown, played by Lucy Walker are both vying for the attention of Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin, played by Simon Latter, whilst Wild Bill Hickock played by Tim Dawes can’t make up his mind between the two women!

It is a wonderful show, packed with great music and lively routines.

Don’t miss out! Book your tickets at: www.ticketsource/letchworth-arcadians or call our ticket secretary on 07511519387

  • Rehearsals in full swing

  • Ladies chorus ready to dance!

  • Calamity and Katie!

  • Graham can't believe what he is seeing!

  • A Woman's Touch!

  • Calamity in full swing!

  • Just blew in from the Windy City!

  • Something must be happening over there!

  • Let's hope there isn't a Calamity!!

  • Francis Fryer!

  • The company at The Golden Garter

  • Male chorus learning their routine!

  • A Picture finish!