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30th November 2020

Iain Rutherford Memorial Cup

Today saw the inaugural presentation of the Iain Rutherford Memorial Cup to the most promising young performer in Young Arcadians.

Keryle, Neil and Carl Rutherford joined members of Young Arcadians, their production team and committee to hear who had won the cup for the first time.

Roger Newman Turner, as president of Letchworth Arcadians, welcomed everyone to North Avenue and explained the link between the Rutherford family and Young Arcadians. Iain had been a founding musical director of Junior Theatre Club and his sons, Neil and Carl had been loyal members in their formative years. Iain and Keryle had always kept a keen interest in Junior Theatre Club, which later became Young Arcadians, and Carl had served his time as director. It has always been a family concern.

The family wanted to be able to celebrate Iain’s connection with Young Arcadians and to recognise the most promising young performer in an Arcadians Show.

Mary Driver, as Chairman of Letchworth Young Arcadians, explained the judging process and presented the awards. All presentations related to their performances in Little Shop of Horrors in February 2017. There were two runners up:

Izzy Everitt for her role as Mrs Luce

Ellis Jackson for his amazing performance as the voice of AudreyII

The winner was Freddy Goldscheider, for his performance of Seymour.

All are to be congratulated for these awards.

Young Arcadians also had the chance to see all the photographs taken during the week of Little Shop and to catch up with their friends!

We look forward to seeing many of the Young Arcadians perform with the seniors in their forthcoming production of Calamity Jane at St Christopher School Theatre from 31st May to 3rd June 2017.

  • Izzy Everitt as a runner up

  • Ellis Jackson as a runner up!

  • Freddy Goldscheider wins the Iain Rutherford Memorial Cup

  • The Rutherford family joined us for the presentation.

  • Freddy with Keryle Rutherford

  • Roger Newman Turner and Mary Driver join Freddy and Keryle

  • Freddy with David Walker, his director!