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1st December 2020

Little Shop of Horrors was a fantastic success!

The title might indicate a horror show but it was far from that! Little Shop of Horrors was a great show!

From the opening bars of music to the final takeover by the plants, Little Shop of Horrors was an evening full of fun, great music and wonderful movement.

Director David Walker had the company drilled on precision to such an extent it just looked natural and then the choreographers Lucy Walker and Emily Vivian injected some refreshing movement which challenged all members but all performed at a high level. Put this together with Heather Kynnersley’s musical direction which emphasised our young member’s ability to harmonise and make such a great sound, it was no wonder the audiences were leaving full of praise.

It would be very unfair to pick on just a few members to comment as everyone played their part in a confident and enthusiastic manner. Every principal was perfectly cast and even the small roles gave the audiences an opportunity to see the stars of the future.

However, this is the third time the Young Arcadians have presented Little Shop but this first to have a young performer playing Audrey II. This is an extremely difficult role but one sung to perfection by Ellis Jackson – well done Ellis.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the show, to all our performers and our production team, congratulations on a wonderful week!